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Long wave Diatherm

Long wave Diatherm


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Long wave Diathermy

What is long wave?
Long wave therapy is a safe and effective modality for treating pain, increasing circulation, and relaxing muscles.
It can open a whole new world of treatment approaches.
Physiotherapy practitioners of all types can benefit by adding Long wave therapy to their pain management and rehabilitation practices Non-ablative long-wave radio frequency is the use of electromagnetic waves for therapeutic purposes without damaging or destroying tissue. Radio frequency (RF) technology has evolved and now controlled specific application can be administered through a hand piece. It’s accelerating healing and positive outcomes in pain management.

Long wave Diathermy treatment is based on Capacitor Field, it uses 1 MHz Alternating Current frequency, improves blood circulation, reduces pain and improves mobility, gives penetration up to 4 cm, raised temperature duration is for 45 minutes Long wave does not have any irritation to bony parts & Most of the energy remains in high density tissue like ligaments & tendons, Consumes very less electricity Solid State Design …..No valves or Crystals are used.

Subject: -Your requirement of Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation Equipment.


Model / Description





Long Wave Diathermy                                                       
Model No. AME 183


  • Wave length – 300 meters
  • Frequency – 1MHZ.
  • Timer – 0-30 min.
  • Display – back light LCD display
  • Power – variable in 10 steps digitally controlled.
  • Mains – 230 V AC, 50 Hz.
  • Weight – 3.5 kg with accessories
  • Size – 11 x 29 x26 cm (H X L X W)

Standard Accessories

  • Applicator – 01 No. 
  • Lotion Bottle – 01 No.
  • Caring Bag- 01 No.


Rs. 42,000.00

Rs. 42,000.00